About Us

Our journey started in Februari 2013, when three graduates from Howest met each other and decided to do something different. Instead of doing a traditional internship, the three decided to build their own company instead. A lot has changed since then. As of today, RedBeaver Media builds in-house web products and puts them in todays market, but we also offer services and custom development for mid-sized companies and delivering services by technical insights.

Along the way, RedBeaver Media won several national and international awards in order to build a sustainable company. With our in-house product “Talentdepo”, we made it in the finals of StartAcademy. Talentdepo got awarded with the “Most Market Potential” award. In September 2013, we got selected to take part in an incubation program from iMinds, supported with heavy coaching and financial resources and last, but not least,  Talentdepo won the national Hyundai Brilliant Young Entrepreneur awards and secured the first price worth €15 000.

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